Being successful means a number of things. Yes, one of them is making money. We do work for a paycheck.

But success is also about accomplishing things. It's also making your mark that you are good at what you do.

You always want to move forward in life, not go backwards. If you're just standing still, you are accomplishing nothing.

Be an uphill climber. Go all the way to the top.

To get there, it's important to remember all the elements of achievement. It's like making a good soup, you need to know the recipe.

You are not limited to the things on my list. You can add some of your own if you wish. Like any great recipe, you can give it your own twist. Here are some things that I have proven to lead to success:

  1. Be Organized. Don't work in clutter, you're going to miss something. Use your energy to get the job done right instead of trying to find or remember stuff.
  2. Perseverance. Go after it and get it, no matter what it takes.
  3. Don't Give In To The Negative. By all means, never do this. Negative is all around. Just ignore it.
  4. Plan. Probably the most important. My motto: 'Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan'.
  5. Have The Right Attitude. Your performance ability will respond nicely to it and so will the people around you. Remember they can greatly help you get it done.
  6. Stay Connected To Others. You can't do it alone. The more sets of hands you have working on something, the more you get done. The most successful companies in the world are not being operated by one single person. Stay connected to the people who can help you so they will.