On Saturday in Sioux Falls, the Pinewood Derby was held. Each year Cub Scouts and parents look forward to the event in which small hand crafted race cars are built for racing on a special track. The cars get their power for movement by starting out going down a slope.

I had the honor of being the announcer for the event again this year.

The event was really fun and we saw some outstanding competitors, 22 in all. I must say that each and every one of the 22 boys were champions. Here they are in alphabetical order by last name:

1.    Carter Bitz
2.    Tyler Bitz
3.    Kyan Carlson
4.    Zac Carlson
5.    Connor Horr
6.    Zach Horr
7.    Hunter Johnson
8.    Landen Johnson
9.    Landon Julius
10.    Elijah Koliner
11.    Damian Kortus
12.    Evan Leedom
13.    Peter Mickelberg
14.    Charlie Mickelson
15.    Will Naro
16.    Hayden Parrin
17.    Jon Rames
18.    Andrew Schmidt
19.    Peter Stich
20.    Parker Strain
21.    Lincoln Vasgaard
22.    Ashton Winter

Cheering in the great audience were parents, grandparents, relatives and friends. This was one of the best groups of people I have ever worked with. It was definitely a family event.

Here were the trophy winners:

•    1st Place Championship:  Jon Rames (advances to district race)
•    2nd Place Championship:  Tyler Bitz (advances to district race)
•    3rd Place Championship:  Peter Stich (advances to district race)
•    4th Place Championship:  Will Naro
•    Most Creative Car:  Zac Carlson
•    Best Designed Car:  Hayden Parrin
•    Best of Show:  Parker Strain
•    Fast Car - Den 2 Tigers:  Elijah Koliner
•    Fast Car - Den 4 Wolves:  Parker Strain
•    Fast Car - Den 1 Bears:  Carter Bitz
•    Fast Car - Den 5 Webelos:  Zac Carlson
•    Fast Car - Den 6 Webelos:  Damian Kortus

Next up is the district race on Saturday April 20th from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. Good luck to Jon, Tyler and Peter.