Everyday I realize how much better the quality is on anything that's older. And I mean everything.

Economists say the recession is over. As far as stock markets, consumer spending, company profits and so on, yes, it may be over.

But now let's look at how the world is working. And you might say, we are in the biggest mess of all.

Workers being forced to the work of 2 or 3 people for the pay of 1, the quality of the product is so thin it's almost invisible and service overall has gone down the drain.

Sure companies are showing good profits. Why shouldn't they?

Take anything and take a good look at it. Open a bag of potato chips, it's two thirds air and one third chips, thin chips.

If candy bars on the shelves get any smaller, the Halloween handouts will surpass them in size. Clothes, tools and everything you buy is not what it used to be.

Now take a little look at your old stuff. It may be rusty and showing some age, but it's good quality.

At Christmas this past year my wife turned me loose in a tool department to pick out some new things. First I thought, wow, new shiny tools in my workshop. After looking things over, I decided to stick with my old tools because they are way better. There's a reason they lasted this long, used by my dad and now me for nearly 50 years.

I venture to say that the oldest things I own are the best things in my belongings. Keep that old stuff, you'll never be able replace it.