It really wasn't all that long ago, not really.  I remember it well, and fondly, and I'm not a hundred years old.  Close, but not quite.

There was a time when two politicians could absolutely 100% disagree with each other politically and on policy.  They could be at the proverbial opposite ends of the spectrum.  And yet...

They didn't despise each other.

They didn't call each other names.

They didn't claim that the other wanted to secretly destroy the economy...the country...the world.

And, horror of horrors...what they did do was, quite often,....compromise.

Yes, 'tis true, the dreaded and (these days) never spoken 'C' word.

And you know what?  Perhaps most amazingly of all, we survived.

Republicans didn't care much for Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill.

Democrats didn't care much for President Ronald Reagan.

But somehow they made it work.  And, at least publicly, smiled while they did it.

Is that a world that's gone by?