The most watched television show every year is The Super Bowl.

That's the day, and I mean all day and most of the night, that American's and people around the world gather around the TV and watch the pre-game...then more of the pre-game...then there's the pre-game and just before the game, about a 3 hour pre-game.

And finally the kick-off.

So what are the two teams battling for?  Well, the championship of the NFL, of course.  And the coveted Super Bowl ring that comes with it.

And perhaps most of all, the Lombardi Trophy, signifying your team as the best on the planet.

That most coveted of all sports trophies is named after a man named Vince Lombardi.

Now, those of us that are a certain age grew up with this guy.  The legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers, you either loved him or loved to beat him (which didn't happen often).  Me?  Well, I was a Vikings fan, so....

The most famous play those old school Packers ran was the 'Power Sweep'.  It became synonymous with the name Vince Lombardi.

Around one side of the line or the other, uh-oh, here comes the beef at full speed!

In this video, Lombardi talks about and explains that most famous Packer play.