It lasted 14 years and 430 episodes. Successful? Uh, yeah, I'd say so.

'Bonanza' wasn't the longest running TV show ever, not even the longerst running Western. That honor would go to 'Gunsmoke'.

But every Sunday night as I was growing up, Dad would pop a grocery bag of popcorn and set it on a newspaper on the living room floor (butter would soak the bottom of the bag you see). Then we would get ready to see what the Cartwright's were up to out there on that expansive Ponderosa.

Then it would happen. The map...the flame...the fire..and here they came on horseback. Ben, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe.

I still love the show in the never ending re-runs. And the theme?

Oh, I think I could name that tune in about 2 notes.