He was the Iron Horse.  Lou Gehrig. He played day after day after day after day, 2,130 consecutive games.  He never missed a game, not one.

And his statistics?  Wow.

a .340 career batting average, 7-time all-star, 6 World Championships, and for many, the greatest player in the history of Major League Baseball.

He was indestructible.

Except, he wasn't.

At the time it was called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.  Now it's called simply Lou Gehrig's Disease.

It was on July 4, 1939...Lou Gehrig Day at Yankee Stadium.  Lou Gehrig delivered a famous speech with the most famous farewell line in the history of American Sports.

Lou Gehrig passed away June 2nd, 1941.

He was only 37 years old.