73.  Really?  Ringo Starr will be 73 years old on Sunday July 7th?

Yes, really.

Those of us of a certain age will always remember that Sunday night when Ed Sullivan introduced America to The Beatles.  The Fab Four.  The Lad's from Liverpool.  The Mop Tops.

John, Paul, George and...back there on the drums, head and hair shaking to 'We Love You Yeah, Yeah, Yeah'...Ringo.

You couldn't hear them of course, the girls in the audience made sure of that.  But there they were.

And then there were two.  John gunned down in 1980, cancer taking George off the planet at 58 years young in 2001.

Paul is 71, still touring.  And then there's the oldest, Ringo.

Not classic country.  But classic.  Happy Birthday Ringo!

(AP) - Ringo Starr turns 73 on Sunday and he plans to go crazy.He says he'll have two cups of tea that day.

His real plans are to be home with his family and have a quiet day. Starr says he's not much of a rock star anymore. He's a vegetarian, works out and watches what he eats.

His advice for rock stars wanting to be like him is to give them no advice at all. He says musicians "will do what they do, they will get what they get and they will end up where they end up."