For decades, "Gerber Baby" has been synonymous with chubby cheeks and bright eyes. In short, a darn cute baby.

She is still cute, but doesn't look quite the same. Now 85 years young and passes the torch to a new baby for Gerber.

The original Gerber Baby, 85-year-old Ann Turner Cook, helped introduce the world to 8-month-old Mary Jane Montoya, winner of the baby food company’s new Gerber Baby contest.

Montoya won $50,000, which her parents, Sara and Billy, plan to invest in her college fund. The parents submitted a photo that clearly won over the judges, including Cook.

As for Cook, she lives in Florida and is the proud mother of four grown children. She explained, "The original drawing was sold to Gerber in 1928, so ever since then, I've been the face of every product Gerber has ever made. It's been wonderful for me to be the symbol worldwide for babies."