A group of like-minded, 'normal' sized people got fed up with seeing 100 pound supermodels in bras and panties on TV and hearing small-minded statements from corporate CEO's on how he doesn't want people like me in his store, got together, stripped down to their undergarments and protested last weekend in San Francisco.

The group was organized by About-Face, who says they specifically sought out Victoria's Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch because they "refuse to include more diverse bodies in their clothing design and/or advertisements."

Believe me, I know all about having to shop at stores specifically tailored to the 'big & tall', because stores like the one's mentioned don't cater to 'normal' or larger Americans. Wouldn't it make more sense for one (or ALL) of the national chains to start carrying clothes in larger sizes? I know a LOT of people and I'm guessing less than a half percent of them actually fit into that mold of the tall and thin that we see in ads. Bottom line, love yourself for who you are. If the stores don't want our business, there's many more who do.