As far as I'm concerned, if I could only eat one type of food forever it would be Mexican food. Meat, beans, cheese, and chilis mixed in infinite combinations creating the best food ever. But, where to go in Sioux Falls if you want the best of the best? Well, according to people on Yelp, here are the ten highest rated Mexican restaurants in Sioux Falls.

Miranda B. via Yelp

Well, the secret is out. Closest to authentic Mexican in all of So Dak. Luisa C.

Michael T via Yelp

The Shrimp Wet Burrito is where it's at!! I get this burrito every time I go there and it's amazing every time! - Suzie K.

Colin C via Yelp

Carne Asada Tacos were amazing! The steak was excellent & the tortillas are homemade! - Stacy M.

Amelia S via Yelp

Amazing Amazing Amazing! Fresh, authentic, reasonably priced Mexican food. The salsa bar is awesome! - Amanda T.

Annika S via Yelp

If you want some incredible enchiladas this is the place to go. - Katlyn H.

Crystal F via Yelp

Amazing!! Will absolutely make this place a regular stop. Everything ordered was great. - Kellee B.

Mike D via Yelp

Wow. I had the Chorizo Burrito under the breakfast menu.
Wow. Huge. Hot. Fresh. Delicious. And yes, with a kick. - Michael P.

Janellinha M via Yelp

Never expected such a good burrito so far north. - Joe R

Jeneane D via Yelp

Sunday brunch is seriously so good! - Jess R.

Rochelle B via Yelp

We have tried all the camarone dishes and Incas clearly has this type of seafood down! - Jeff J.


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