Red Green is celebrated as one of the handiest men in North America. But as well as being a purveyor of inventive practical advice on, for example, making a jet pack from two propane tanks, a hybrid car from recycled golf carts and satellite dishes, and a kiddie ride from a bar stool attached to the agitator of a washing machine, he is the funny man of his long running and very popular TV show.

Red Green is the star of 'The Red Green Show'. And now you have an opportunity to see him in front of a live audience.

He is going to be at the Mitchell Corn Palace Wednesday, April 23rd. Get your reserve tickets now from The Corn Palace.

Red Green, North America's champion of under achieving men everywhere, returns to the stage with a brand new one-man show "How To Do Everything". Audiences will get DIY tips, relationship advice and as a bonus, an environmental action plan.  "Like fertilizer", Green notes "it may be spread thinly over many fields, but you know it's there."

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