A 15-year-old Sioux Falls girl was taken to the Juvenile Detention Center Friday night for allegedly assaulting a woman in a hotel on West Russell Street.

Officer Sam Clemens says it happened around 11pm Friday after the 50-year-old Sioux Falls woman heard noise in the hallway outside her room at the Sioux Falls Inn that turned out to be an argument between a male and a female.

Clemens says the woman asked what was going on and the 15-year-old turned on her and attacked her.

Police arrived and Clemens says the attack continued with the victim on the ground and the teen kicking her in the head and elsewhere.

He says the 15-year-old was taken to the JDC on charges that included aggravated assault and a curfew violation.

The victim went to a hospital, but Clemens says her injuries were not serious.