I was just waking up this morning when my wife rifled off about 40 things that I needed to do today. One of them was picking up one last W-2 form and then getting off to a tax meeting with our preparer.

Many people dread this time of year and for good cause. Sure, you're either going to get something back from the government, or you're going to play in. The dread comes from the extra work and preparation that comes with February and March.

In the past my wife and I teamed up to do the taxes here at the house. After a couple years of 'lost Sundays' and wasted weekends we decided it was best to hire a professional. We have found it's worth every penny. He found money that we didn't know about and because he's around the new tax laws all the time, can make this time of year much easier.  All we do is gather, drop it off, have a quick visit and that's it.

It doesn't matter if you do your own taxes or have someone else prepare them, chances are your W-2's and other information are out on the kitchen table or up in the window sill waiting for the big meeting.

You can tell that advertisers are ready too. Car dealerships and other businesses are already 'reminding' potential car buyers that that extra influx of money is coming soon and they may be the best place to 'invest' any extra money you might get back from Uncle Sam.

How about you? Do you prepare your taxes your self, or have someone help you.