Win a Free Airline Ticket if Your Candidate Loses
If you wake up on November 7 and decide you just can't bear to live in a land with a President Romney or withstand another four years of President Obama, then have we got an offer for you: JetBlue Airways will fly you out of the country free of charge.
Man Blames Elephant For His Seventh DUI
There are many reasons why you shouldn't drive impaired. Especially because, in your altered state, you will make ridiculous excuses for your crime upon being confronted with it. You'll do something like blame it on circus animals.
Sioux Falls Prostitution Arrest (Video)
Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens says officers from the street crimes office noted advertising on an internet site about prostitution or escorting.  Clemens says they  made contact with the woman and arranged the price.  They went to a hotel in the Southwest part of&…

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