Drugs, but No Intruder in Sioux Falls Garage
In the end, a Sioux Falls man may have regretted calling police. Officer Sam Clemens says William Michael Reed called police at around 1 a.m. Tuesday because he thought someone was in his garage in the 1800 block of East 29th Street North.
The Meth Addiction
Eight years ago, Gloria tried meth for the first time in her life.  “My son was barely a year old and now he’s nine.  I was going through a divorce and one of my friends urged me to try the drug.  She said it would help ease everything
How To Spot a Meth Lab [VIDEO]
In light of the recent met lab busts and arrests, Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens says the drug is still in demand.
"It's pretty common.  This is something we've seen over the years.  The trend remains.  Meth is not going away despite all the law e…
Meth Lab Arrest
The Sioux Falls Area Drug Task Force served a search warrant at 2202 S. Grange Ave. in Sioux Falls on Wednesday.
Located during the search warrant were several components to a meth lab, marijuana, meth and paraphernalia.
Arrested were Heather C...