A Minnesotan Overcame Addictions with Faith!
John Verrill of Duluth, Minnesota came close to death as a child! 
“I was taking a bath when my mother came in the bathroom. I was splashing the water.  She grabbed hold of me and held me under the water.  I thought I was going to die
I Love Life: Surviving Parkinson’s Disease
Larry Smith spent most of his life in law enforcement.   But, that came to an abrupt end after he was diagnosed with having Parkinson’s disease. 
“I was a police officer in Hamden, Connecticut for 26 years.  I retired as a captain---3rd in command of the depa…
I Love Life: A Survivor’s Victory over Addiction
Sabrina lost her innocence as a child!
“When I was 13 years old, I had a lot of responsibility.  My folks worked two jobs each.  I was the primary caretaker of my siblings. I also had a boyfriend and my parents were perfectly fine with it because they trusted me

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