The winter weather has left a number of motorists stranded in the region.

Kelly with the Coffee Cup Truck Stop in Summit says this is one of the worst blizzards she has experienced.  Among the stranded---a bus load of North Dakota Hockey Players.

"We got the bus of kids still in town.  We took them to town the night before.  But, another bus took off and they got stuck.  They finally made it to Sisseton.  There are cars all over.  Right now, we have people laying all over the floor in the coffeee shop."

At the national weather service in Sioux Falls, meteorologist Jim Murray says gusty winds dominate the region today.

"Most of the snow system is pulling out of here.  We could see a few light flurries in the area this morning.  But, the winds will be very strong today.  As we get later into the afternoon, the snow should be out of here and the winds should be coming down improving visability."