Another bond issue failed in the Tea Area School District Tuesday as the effort to spend $9.9 million for elementary school classrooms and a performing arts center fell short by two votes.  

Tea Area School Board President John Herr says the need for elementary school classrooms has been an ever-present need for the district.  “When we split from Lennox in 2003, we built those classrooms.  They were on the parking lot of the old Catholic church across from what is now our education building.  Those have been moved several times and were never intended on being permanent classrooms.”

The 42.5 percent overall turnout was also encouraging.  However, Herr lamented that some voters who were in favor of the project declined to cast their ballot.  With such a close vote, Herr expects the district to put together a new proposal that should soon be taken to the constituents and have a good chance of passing.