Over 20 Sioux Falls, SD personalities got together with 605 Magazine at Cathouse Studios to record a South Dakota version of "We Are the World" to celebrate the local scene and to raise funds for The Salvation Army.  Well done guys!!

V the Noble One
Alana Snyder
Mayor Mike Huether
Shawn Cable
Tyshawn Bailey
Chef Dominique
Brian Bieber
Shayna Baszler
Elisabeth Hunstad
Kory Van Sickle
Erin Castle
Allen Goodroad
Gabriel Night Shield
Tony DePaolo
Nick Engbers
Ryan Knutson as Stomp
Madison McKeown
Megan DeBoer
Aubrey Bohl
Santa Claus
Lucy Albers
Destructive D-Lite
Brienne Maner
Big Foot
Major Thomas Riggs