So you live in Sioux Falls. it's cold out and you don't feel like shoveling your sidewalk after a big snow. Don't worry about it … if you don't mind paying some big bucks.

 Here's what's what according to the Sioux Falls City Ordinances

-All sidewalks are required to be shoveled within 48 hours of when the snowfall ends.  Sidewalks at intersections or crosswalks shall also be cleared to the street.

-If you don't get your sidewalk shoveled within 48 hours you'll first get a little green note hung on your door telling you that you have an additional 24 hours to clear the snow before facing a fine.

-If ya don't “Git 'er dun” you're going to get a $100 citation, plus the cost of clearing off your walks. This could add up to several hundred dollars.

-If you need to report an unshoveled sidewalk in your neighborhood call 978-6900 or