SIOUX FALLS - On Tuesday afternoon around 3:57 pm, a Sioux Falls police officer observed a loose pit bull chasing an 8-year-old boy in the area of 11th St. and Summit Avenue.

The pit bull was on a leash but the female who was trying to control it lost the leash and the dog raced after the child. The officer helped the boy over a fence to safety and then as he was helping the female put the pit bull into the back of his patrol car, he was bit by the dog.

The officer drew his pistol and shot the animal which then ran off wounded in the direction of 12th Street and Prairie Avenue, where it was found by officers and Animal Control.

The dog was taken to the emergency vet clinic and then euthanized due to the aggressive nature it showed.

The officer suffered minor wounds to his hand.

Upon further investigation, the female stated that the dog had also bit a native American male in the vicinity of Munchies Convenience Store at 717 West 11th Street before chasing after the child.

There was no indication of any injured male in the area however and the officer was unable to locate the victim.