Gaylynn Huber of Sioux Falls Streets says his work crews are making progress.

Huber tells KSOO Radio: "It's been going pretty decent with all the tree branches down.  We changed the way we plow the streets because of all the tree branches.  It's working better for us now that what we've done in the past.  We had a good day yesterday and a good night last night.  We have Zone 2 (north south) beginning at 8 A.M. Friday.  We should be done by early afternoon.  Then we're going to go after the streets that we couldn't do on Thursday because they were blocked.  Hopefully, we will have the entire city cleaned out by the end of Friday."

Huber says this week's winter storm is the worst he's ever seen.  "The combination of the ice, snow, tree branches and downed power lines was somewhat unprecedented. I could send a crew through and clear the street of branches.  Within 5 to 10 minutes, there are more branches down on the street.  It's hard to make headway on it."