Periodically, the mayor of Sioux Falls enters the faculty lounge at Viewpoint University to give an update on the local scene.  He also wants to use the forum to interact with the public and find the answer to burning questions from the residents.

The amount tree debris is slowly dwindling after the April snowstorm and the cleanup of neighborhoods is complete according to Mayor Mike Huether.  The only other trees that need attention are along the Big Sioux River.  Now the grinding of all that woody material is the next phase of the operation and there is a destination for these fallen limbs, trunks and twigs.  A good portion of the wood chips will be sent to POET for processing as the ethanol company continues the search for a way to produce cellulosic ethanol on a grand scale.

Mayor Huether Details The Next Phase Of Operation Timber Strike:

Another one of the big topics in the community involves the potential sale of Smithfield Foods to a Chinese organization and how it could affect the John Morrell plant as a Smithfield subsidiary.  Huether talked to the local management team and got the idea that following through with the transaction could be good.  Morrell & Company’s plant in Sioux Falls consistently is a top performer so it is well positioned to be a part of the future no matter what happens.

Huether Confident Of Good Things Regarding Smithfield Potential Sale:

Road construction has been a significant plank of Huether’s time as Mayor.  Significant projects are occurring all over the city and Huether feels that maintaining existing streets is the main focus.  The city continues to grow so there is constant pressure for new streets as well.

Road Construction Means Disruption Huether Looks To The Payoff:

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