Wallethub makes lists. Compared to some theirs seem to be better than average. Their latest list was to rank the 150 biggest cities according to how good they were to be dating in.

They ranked things like the male to female ratio, how expensive it is to go out to bars and restaurants, and the availability of things to do, along with a big long list of other criteria.

Sioux Falls came in as the 29th best place to be single and dating in the country. Pretty good. Salt Lake City, Utah was #1 followed by Orlando, FL, Tempe, AZ, Atlanta, GA, and Scottsdale, AZ.

Minneapolis came in at #14, while St. Paul came in at #46. (Aren't they really the same city? I can't tell when I leave one and go to the other.)

Omaha was the 13th best city to date in while Des Moines came in at #38.