South Dakota U. S. Attorney Brendan Johnson says the recent conference on violent crime and human trafficking in Sioux Falls produced results!

"We met with truck drivers and truck stop general managers about human trafficking and what they can do about it---especially if they're aware of it.  The pimps don't know who will turn them in---not just the police.   They have to be extra careful because everywhere they look we now have a new set of allies."

Including health care professionals.

"They developed a new protocol for human trafficking. They know what questions to ask if someone comes into an emergency room at a hospital.  With this assistance, it is possible to identify victims of human trafficking."

Unfortunately, Johnson says human trafficking exists in Sioux Falls.

"We have had three men who have received life sentences in the last four years.  Several others from Sioux Falls will be spending more than thirty years in prison.  This is a hot spot for human trafficking."

Johnson says human trafficking has a major impact on the mental, emotional and physical well being of its victims.