With Halloween fast approaching, many parents are already buying costumes for their kids!

Division Chief Jeff Helm of Sioux Falls Fire Rescue offers several suggestions.  "When you're looking to purchase a costume, make sure it's well fitting.  Make sure it is comfortable since it will probably be worn for several hours.  The mask should not cover the vision.  The children need to be able to see.  They get pretty excited when they're out walking.  We want them to be able to see and stay safe! "

Jeff says you should only purchase costumes that are made of flame retardant material.  "We strongly recommend that costumes should be made of flame retardant material.  If they are home made, make sure you use fabrics that are inherently flame resistant, such as nylon and polyester."

Helm urges parents to focus on safety during Halloween night.  "If you plan on doing any trick or treating with your kids, make sure that your group isn't too big and that you and the others have some type of reflective or flashing item.  Bring along a flashlight and most of all---have a plan so you know where you're going and just stay together.  Stay on the sidewalk, look both ways before you cross the street, make sure the drivers see you and have a fun, safe night! "