The other day I shared a very interesting story about being careful when 'unfriending' on Facebook. Now let's look at some caution regarding doing the other thing, 'friending'.

Some people will 'friend' as many contacts as they can on Facebook. Is this a good idea?  The majority of experienced Facebook users say no.

The main reason not to 'friend' everyone, is to avoid making the mistake that many have regretted. What they failed to do was, thinking about the possible impacts of their posts, pictures and updates.

Two surveys were done detailing people's online connections and habits. To showcase how the public feels about whom they should and shouldn't 'friend', the survey shows that:

  • 81% say you shouldn't be friends with your boss on Facebook
  • 45% say you shouldn't be friends with your co-workers on Facebook
  • Only 23% are friends with their parents on Facebook
  • Only 13% are friends with their children on Facebook