Friday November 22, 2013, marked the 50th anniversary of the death of President John F. Kennedy. It was hard to believe it had been 50 years since that day.

There's another story about a girl that's unbelievable as well when you consider what she has been thru in her life. She was about to turn 6 years old when her father was shot to death. She had her 6th birthday just 5 days after the tragedy.

Today she is celebrating her 56th birthday. She's JFK's only daughter, Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg.

What's a very important point is that she's the only surviving member of that White House family. She spent her early years living in the White House during her father's term as president, and is known for being the most private member of the famous Kennedy family.

A lawyer and author, Caroline has co-written and edited several books. In July 2013, she was nominated U.S. ambassador to Japan by President Barack Obama.

Caroline has endured many tragedies. When you look at them all, it's hard to imagine that anyone could possibly go thru this much.

Among them was the loss of Caroline's eldest sister, who was stillborn 15 months before Caroline was born. Three years later, on August 7, 1963, her youngest brother, Patrick, was born prematurely. He died two days later from lung failure.

But chief among the young Caroline's early losses came on November 22, 1963, when her father was assassinated by sniper fire.

She grew extremely close to her younger brother John, Jr. during her youth. Together, they endured a series of family tragedies.

Among them were the assassination of their uncle and U.S. Senator, Robert F. Kennedy, and the death of a former campaign worker during a car accident involving their other uncle, U.S. Senator Edward 'Ted' Kennedy. Ted survived, but the incident became a national scandal.

In 1994, Caroline's mother passed away after a long battle with lymphatic cancer.

In 1998, Caroline and her brother went public in an auction dispute against Evelyn Lincoln, President John F. Kennedy's former secretary, who attempted to sell 'intensely personal' pieces of memorabilia that belonged to their father.

On July 16, 1999, Caroline endured more hardship when her only sibling, brother John F. Kennedy Jr., was killed along with his wife and sister-in-law, when the plane he was piloting crashed in the ocean near Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Today, Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg have three children: Rose, Tatiana and Jack. They currently reside in New York City.