It was a simpler time, not only in baseball, but perhaps in the world, in life.

There was no Barry Bonds.  No Mark McGwire.  No Sammy Sosa.  There were no PED's, steroids, human growth hormones.

What there was was one magical season for a young man born in Hibbing, Minnesota and raised in Fargo, North Dakota.

Roger Maris.

On October 1st, 1961 before 23,000 plus fans, maris broke the 'unbreakable' single season Home Run record set by the most famous name in baseball history, Babe Ruth.  And it came against the Yankees fierce rival, the Boston Red Sox.

Notice in this great classic sports video the understated voice of a legendary broadcaster, Red Barber.

And notice, too, the humble Roger Maris, almost having to be shoved out of the dugout to acknowledge this incredible achievement before the hometown crowd.  A lot different than athletes of today who have to turn every home run or touchdown or sack of a quarterback into a you tube sensation.

Oh, and notice one thing more: No talk of performance enhancing drugs.

Indeed, a different simpler time.

Roger passed away in 1985 at the much too young age of 51 from lymphoma.