In the early and mid 1970's 3 Dog Night pretty much ruled the national pop/rock music scene.  With hits like "Never Been To Spain" and the pop music giant "Joy To The World (Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog)" plus so many others, the band rode the top of the pop music chart.

They never did have a Country Music hit and never tried.  Well then, what in the world could 3 Dog Night and Country Music have in common?  Hoy Axton, that's what.

The late Hoyt Axton was a great singer, entertainer and actor.

Oh, and did I mention a great songwriter?  While us Classic Country Music fans love Hoyt and his "When The Mornin' Comes", "Boney Fingers", "Della and The Dealer" and others...did you know he also wrote "Never Been To Spain" and "Joy To The World".  Not to mention "No No Song" for Ringo Starr and "Snowblind Friend" and "The Pusher" for hard rock band Steppenwolf.

For this guy, songwriting talent knew no musical boundaries!