He's not a Country Music legend. And he's certainly not in the Country Music Hall of Fame. But hey, a lot of us grew up with the Beatles, and he did song on the Beatles 'Act Naturally', a #1 country hit for Buck Owens.

And now you can look at Ringo's 'stuff' at a new exhibit.

(AP) - There have been a lot of great drummers over the years in pop music. But none of them has had a major exhibit dedicated to them at the Grammy museum - until now.

The Recording Academy says it is setting aside space to honor the music of Ringo Starr. The exhibit traces Starr's career from his growing up in Liverpool, England - to his success with The Beatles and his current group, the All Starrs.

Among the items to be on display are the drum kit Ringo played at the Beatles' 1964 performance at New York's Shea Stadium, the kit he played on the Ed Sullivan Show and his Sgt. Pepper suit.

There will also be an interactive exhibit, where visitors can take a drum lesson from a virtual Ringo.