“I don’t feel I’m done yet.  There are still some other things that need to be done and I want to follow through on them.”  That’s the view of incumbent Sioux Falls City Council At Large A Candidate Rex Rolfing who wants to serve another four years. 

Rolfing mentions his seat on the transit task force as one of his unfinished items on the to-do list.  Figuring out how Sioux Falls will address the bussing system and paratransit components in the years to come as the city grows will be challenging.  “We’re giving Cadillac service and I want to be able to continue providing that (level of) service.  That’s one of the things that brings people to Sioux Falls.”

Rolfing also wants to make sure Sioux Falls is financially sound.  “When things happen like the sewer system (collapse) or the ice storm and we don’t have to worry about borrowing money to do this.  Just do it and get it done right.  Those are the things we need that reserve for.”

Rolfing will face challengers Manny Steele and Emmet Reistroffer on April 8.  Please take the time to listen to the entire interview in three segments.

Segment 1 Rolfing explains his passion for managing the bussing system in Sioux Falls.

Segment 2 describes more unfinished business such as maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Segment 3 is the last word from Rolfing asking for your vote.