John Denver would proudly sing about the Rock Mountains. He would sing from the mountain top about it, pun intended. He was proud of it and would hold nothing back.

He had huge hits. "Annie's Song", "Back Home Again", "Country Roads", "I'm Sorry" and of course the monster hit "Rocky Mountain High". He sold millions upon millions upon millions of records. And I bough more than a few.

But I never told anyone about it. No one. Nobody.

In those days, and where I was (both literally and in my life), it just plain wasn't cool to like John Denver. Oh, the girls could like him alright, they could turn up his songs and stare at his album covers. But not us guys. Nope.

We had to like the 'harder' stuff, the louder guitars, the louder drums, the louder...well, whatever it was, it had to be louder. John Denver was too soft, too smooth, too lovey!

I'm in a different place now (again, literally and in my life) and now I'm plum fine saying "Yep, I love John Denver's music". I did then and still do now. I think John Denver was a brilliant songwriter and could string words together in a way that extremely few people can.

John Denver was a Pop Star and a Country Star.  And that upset some people 'back in the day'.  Country folks said he wasn't Country enough.  The Pop music fans said hey, he's waaaay to Country.  And through it all, John just kept putting out great music, great stories, that topped both of those music charts.

John left us in a tragic plane accident, but his music still lives and resonates with people who love or pop or folk.

I think it's time.  Time to at least consider the artist John Denver for the Country Music Hall Of Fame.  Are there other deserving artists who should be in that hallowed hall?  Yes and I've talked about them elsewhere on this site.  John Denver is among them don't you think?