It was several years ago that I wrote a one-man play called 'Confessions Of An Ordinary Man'.

The production centers around an 86 year old man preparing to enter a Nursing Home. As he spends the final hours in the house he has lived in his entire adult life, he walks through the 'junk room' of the home.

As he picks up pieces of this 'junk', he brings the audience on a journey through his life. Growing up in the Great Depression, participation in World War 2, coming home, his family and his friends.

I have performed the play nearly a hundred times, at places like:

Palace Theater, Luverne Mn.
Pepsi Cola Theater, Mitchell
Lyric Theater, Platte
Jesse James Theater, Garretson
Grand Opera House, Dell Rapids
Edgerton. Mn.
Rock Rapids, Iowa
Clear Lake
Jasper, Mn.
Mankato, Mn.
Along with dozens of churches in Sioux falls and the surrounding area.

Terry Pospisil and I wrote a song called 'Ordinary Man' that's kind of a theme for the play. I'm a lyric writer and Terry is a fantastic musician and creative man. So if you'd like to know what the play is all about, give a listen to our song.

Terry has the song on his CD called 'Ordinary Men', which includes a few other things we wrote together.