Yes I grew up on a small farm. And no, I haven't lived on a farm in a long, long time. So to put it mildly, I haven't exactly kept up with what's new in agriculture. But I assume life and work on the farm is pretty much like life and work everywhere.

It's a whole lot different than it was in the 'old days'.

When I was a kid, it was generally corn, beans, oats, baling hay in the summer (and yes, stacking them on racks and getting those bale into the barn). Then today I saw a phrase I wasn't aware of.

Pulse Crops.

The only pulse I was familiar with on the farm was my Dad's pulse racing when it was too wet or too dry (depending on the time of the year!).

So when I investigated a little further, I discovered from the Capital Journal website that South Dakota's only plant that processes pulse crops has stopped buying from farmers because they're having some financial difficulties.

But still, what are these 'pulse crops'?

Turns out they're things like field peas, lentils, chickpeas and the such. More specifically, pulses are the edible seeds of plants legume family.

Ah, ok.

Anyway, apparently part of the problem is India closing off it's market for many pulse crops. The plant out near Harrold still has it's employee's working as it tries to maneuver through the financial difficulties.

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