Don't look now ladies, but your husband could be in the mall giving the charge card a workout as you read this.

It's a common known fact that practically every woman on the planet loves to shop. But little did you know, there's a bunch of men that love to get their shop on too. They're just not telling you about it.

A new survey found that husbands are more likely than wives to secretly buy things, then lie about how much money they spent, and hide what they bought.

41% of men admitted to secretly buying stuff behind their spouses back, compared to 22% of women.

The main reason they're keeping it a secret is to avoid an argument. Let's face it, no man wants to incur the wrath of his wife. That kind of punishment could go on for days, if not weeks.

The only problem, men aren't very good liars. So we usually end up getting busted. Women are better than men in hiding their secret spending according to the study. I like to think it's because they're more experienced at it.

54% of men that secretly bought something have been caught eventually, versus only 34% of women.

So what are men buying behind women's backs? Here are the top five things:

  • Secret nights on the town. (Yikes! That's a sure fire recipe for disaster.)
  • Clothes and beauty products.
  • Leisure activities. (That doesn't sound too good either.)
  • Stuff for their car.
  • Vacation spending.

Source: Daily Mail