Campy? Yes. Dated? For sure. Cheesy? Okay, I'll give that to you.  Idiotic?  Hey, hold on, that's going too far!

Raise your hand if you remember watching 'Love American Style'.

The weekly series began in 1969 and run until 1974.  Each week it would include short episodes, unrelated usually, and would have some sort of comedic spin.  At least we thought it was comedy, and while just a teeny bit adult, it was always family friendly.

Who appeared on 'Love American Style'?  Well, there were semi-regulars with guest appearances by just about anybody who was anybody on television 'in those days'.  They didn't feature quite the number of stars as, say, 'Love Boat', but there were plenty of recognizable faces.

And by the way, did you know 'Happy Days' was a spin-off of 'Love American Style'?  Garry Marshall produced both shows.

And when you play the clip, you'll certainly remember the theme song!