A Sioux Falls woman was arrested Thursday night after, police say she became intoxicated by drinking hand sanitizer.

Information Officer Sam Clemens says police were called around 8:20pm to the 700 block of East 4th Street, where a woman had reportedly threatened her husband with a knife.

Clemens says Brooke Lynn Montileaux, 37, was charged with ingesting, because she had allegedly been drinking hand sanitizer. He says that may have been part of the argument, although he says the report doesn't specify what the two were arguing about.

Clemens says it is illegal to ingest anything for the purpose of becoming intoxicated.

In addition to the ingesting charge, Clemens says Montileaux was also charged with domestic aggravated assault. He says Montileaux reportedly had been drinking hand sanitizer most of the day, and he says police found an empty one-point-five liter container in the home.