Who is your favorite sports star of all time? Now I've got myself thinking.

I remember growing up in the day of Joe Namath. Being a Minnesota Twins fan, I could make a list from the era of Harmon, Tony and Rod.

My life has been dedicated to racing, so Richard Petty and others are going thru my mind. But enough about what I think.

Let's see what America had to say. And you see if your favorites made the list.

He may not have been on a basketball team for a decade, but Michael Jordan is still considered America's favorite sports star, a position he held throughout the 1990s, according to the annual Harris Poll. For the fourth year in a row, tennis phenom Serena Williams is the favorite female sports star. So, who's hot and who's not in the world of sports?

Top 10 favorite male professional athletes:

1)  Michael Jordan (basketball)
2)  LeBron James (basketball)
3)  Tiger Woods (golf)
4)  Peyton Manning (football)
5)  Tom Brady (football)
6)  Derek Jeter (baseball)
7)  Kobe Bryant (basketball)
8)  Tim Tebow (football)
9)  Phil Mickelson (golf)
10) Dale Earnhardt Jr. (auto racing)

Top 10 favorite female professional athletes:

1)  Serena Williams (tennis)
2)  Danica Patrick (auto racing)
3)  Venus Williams (tennis)
4)  Maria Sharapova (tennis)
5)  Mia Hamm (soccer)
6)  Layla Ali (boxing)
7)  Lindsey Vonn (skiing)
8)  Hope Solo (soccer)
9)  Shawn Johnson (gymnast)
10) Abby Wambach (soccer)

Among men, LeBron James is number one, while women prefer Peyton Manning.