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Titanic Menu Fetches $140,000
Have you ever walked into a restaurant, sat down, took a look at the menu and thought...
Oooh, that's spendy. (Spendy may be a South Dakota word, you may use the word 'pricey' or 'Holy Smoke, this place charges an arm and a leg').
Well, here's a spendy menu, and I don&apo…
They’re Everywhere! Bikes And Cycles, Cycles And Bikes
It's been a long winter.
Of course, I say that every year. It's been a long winter. If you're a winter person, love the snow and cold, this is the worst time of the year for you. Too bad.
For me, it's the best. Having spent a lot of winters in the upper Midwest (well, all my winter…

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