I have personally been heavily involved in promoting the beef industry here in South Dakota for many years. I am extremely proud to have been selected as a past 'Prime Promoter Of The Year', a very special honor from the state's beef organization.

I love beef more than any other food. Remember what I say here, "Eat Beef". "The West Wasn't Won On Salad".

With that said, I am exited to pass this story on to you. The group that I have worked with closely and have become great friends with is 'The South Dakota Cattleman's Auxiliary'. They do the best job promoting beef of anyone in the nation. They utilize a program called 'Beef Bucks'.

When the people at Beef Bucks, Inc. were notified that their prepaid debit card for purchasing beef will again be featured as a gift tag on 'The Wheel of Fortune', this time during the popular game show’s “Salute to Military Families” week in November, they decided to do their part to salute veterans closer to home.

For the second year in a row, television viewers across the U.S. will tune in to see whether or not a Wheel of Fortune contestant is lucky enough to spin the wheel and land on the prize consisting of $1,000 in Beef Bucks. This year, those dates will be November 13 and 15, and again December 18 and 20. To celebrate its return to the nation’s longest-running syndicated television show, the non-profit organization of beef-promoting volunteers will donate Beef Bucks to assist homeless veterans.

“We are so excited to be asked back on the Wheel of Fortune,” says Beef Bucks’ Executive Secretary Nancy Montross. “Knowing Beef Bucks will be featured during the program’s salute to military families in November makes it even more special, and we wanted to give something back to veterans who have given so much. This seemed a perfect way to say ‘thank you’ to veterans in our region who have fallen on difficult times.”

It is one more milestone for this organization created to promote beef. In 2011, the announcement that Beef Bucks had been selected as a gift tag on Wheel of Fortune created quite a stir. In fact, Bob Montross, the DeSmet, SD, cattle producer who is Beef Bucks’ treasurer and Nancy’s husband, says one reason the beef-buying debit card was asked back to the Wheel of Fortune was because of all the publicity created when Beef Bucks hit the big-time last year.

“They said the Wheel of Fortune producer was blown away with all of the publicity we received across the country,” says Bob, who has a reputation for promoting beef and Beef Bucks every chance he gets. “They were very impressed. They wanted us back on the program.” Over the three programs last winter in which Beef Bucks were featured as a gift tag, two contestants walked away with the $1,000 in Beef Bucks’ prize.

Beef Bucks, Inc. was organized in 1997 and is run by an all-volunteer board of beef producers and consumers.