You pull out the old photo album (for you younger, tech savvy folks, we used to keep 'images' in a book or album. What's a book, you say? Ahh...never mind) and the family gather's round the table to remember the good old days. There's pictures from family reunion's, Christmases, birthdays, and other family get togethers.

There's questions like 'Who's that?' and 'When was that?', and statements like 'Oh, I forgot about old Charlie' and 'There's Grandpa!'.

And then. invariably, there's the embarrassing one (or more). Maybe it's a baby picture of you, buck stark naked laying on a blanket on the bed. It might be one of you in the hot hair-do of the day. Maybe even you in a leisure suit (light blue and smokin'!).

And then there's this, what you see here. As the kiddies say....OMG!

Yep, there I am, fuzzy image but full color. A Polaroid pic of the hottest radio man in the land (or so he thought).

My daughter sent that one up. When she found it, and after she had wiped the tears out of her eyes from laughing so hard and sat down with stomach cramps, she sent it up. She thought it was something I should have, something I should share with friends, colleagues, listeners.

So then, here it is. But allow me a small explanation, or perhaps an apology. Or possibly an excuse.

I was one of those kids growing up, where my Dad (God Bless Ya, Pop, Rest Easy) always said, 'Son, as long as your under my roof, your hair will stay cut, I don't care what your friends do'. So that was that until...

I was 18 when I got my first job and was 'on my own'. So I thought, 'OK, now I'm on my own, I can do what I want, look like I want to look'. Rebellion? I suppose, at least a little rebellion from the Minnesota farm boy to his 'old man'. Looking back now? Yeah...not such a good idea.

But thanks to this picture (and my loving daughter) the image lives on. And now, it lives on around the world on the internet.

By the way, notice the stylish bandana? Notice the 'Hag' on it? You do realize that Mr. Merle Haggard had a huge hit song called 'Red Bandana'? Yep, I'm thinking I got it in honor of the song. Heck, even though I looked like something the dog drug in from the rain, I still loved me some Haggard and Jones!

So go ahead, have a chuckle, I sure did. But don't laugh too hard. You do have old pictures, don't you, hidden away somewhere where no one will ever see them?

Oh, and you do have a kid?