With the news last week that Augustana University is going to pursue D1 athletics, I want to make something crystal clear: Alabama football won't be coming to Sioux Falls to playing Augie.

It may seem like a stupid thing to have to explain, but I have heard some questions along those lines over the last week.

Augustana will play in the FCS, while Alabama plays in the FBS. For those that aren't aware, there is a difference between FCS and FBS.

The Football Championship Subdivision is what South Dakota State and the University of South Dakota are in while the Football Bowl Subdivision is what schools like Nebraska, Iowa, and Alabama are in.

The Football Championship Subdivision decides their National Champion with a 24 team playoff while the Football Championship Subdivision decides their National Champion with a four-team College Football Playoff.

Now, FBS teams do often play FCS teams during the season. SDSU did play Iowa State this season, and USD did play Kansas State. Both FBS teams.

I know for most that they realize that Augustana won't be playing Alabama in football, but with the news last week, many have wondered about Augie's new role in Division I athletics.

One thing is for sure though, that new role wont be beating up on Alabama.

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