Naomi Judd and her daughter Wynonna brought us a huge number of hits in country music. Fifteen of them went to number one.

From being just a single mom in small town Kentucky, to super stardom and American icon, Naomi has shown her extraordinary talent. And now we can enjoy her acting abilities on a TV movie coming up in early January.

Tune in to the 'Hallmark Channel' on January 12 for the movie 'Nearlyweds'. The project revolves around three friends who have dream weddings only to find out that the pastor who married them failed to complete the key paperwork required to make them official.

Naomi plays a role as a mother to one of the couples grooms, who is invited to stay a the newly married's home. Her part in the movie has her slated as a 'monster in law'.

In interesting role for sure. I'm looking forward to seeing how Naomi can play the role as a manipulative mother.