Jamieson 'Junior' Brown was born in Kirksville, Indiana. He has released nine studio albums in his career, and has charted twice on the Billboard country singles charts.

He first learned to play piano from his father before he could talk. His music career began in the 1960s, and he worked through that decade and the next singing and playing pedal steel and guitar for groups such as Asleep At The Wheel.

In 1985, Brown invented a double-neck guitar, with some assistance from Michael Stevens. Brown has stated that the invention was always a matter of convenience so that he could play both lap steel and lead guitar during live performances.

Junior is still active in the music business. On October 12, 2012, Junior released his new EP, Volume 10. Containing six new songs, Volume 10 is available on Junior's website and digitally on Amazon.com.

Here's Junior performing a song that won him a CMA award in 1996. 'My Wife Thinks You're Dead':