I spent all of Wednesday at Mitchell, South Dakota's Dakotafest. One of the largest outdoor farm shows in the region features over 700 vendors attracting thousands of people, most of which are farmers and ranchers. An event like this gives everyone a day to get away from work and stress and just mingle with other people and look at all the displays.

I was really refreshing to see very few people walking around holding electronic cell phone devices playing with Facebook or whatever. I didn't even see a lot of people talking on cell phones. I saw people talking to people in person. Maybe it was a day to go out into a crowd of people and enjoy communicating with one another the way we used to.

I also saw some people who are drastically affected by this year's drought get a chance to get away from their personal situation and visit with others who dealt with this in the past. And maybe somehow could come away with a positive attitude that we will get thru this crisis. The farmer is a strong person....not just physically, but also emotionally.

I really enjoyed my time at Dakotafest being with these folks.