Playing George's hit songs on the radio everyday is an exiting job to go to every morning and a pretty cool life to be living. But walking out on stage at a the South Dakota State Fair in front of a packed crowd to officially introduce one of the biggest names of all time in country music history was an experience that I'll never forget.

When I first walked onto the stage and headed for the microphone, I didn't think nothing of it. It was just something I had done many times before. It was just another day at my profession. It had a feeling similar to walking across my living room. But as I took a few steps, it hit me.

This is George Jones we're doing here. Any nervousness at that point? Not at all, but instead an unexplained burst of energy came over me. And in doing the fairly lengthy introduction I felt a pride that I honestly don't know that could ever be recaptured. With George soon retiring I now realize how fortunate I am to have had this experience with him.