Johnny Cash may not have made country music, but he sure did help bring it to a new level.  A whole new level.

The Man In Black is the only member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and the Songwriters Hall Of Fame.  Oh, there's a lot more Hall's of Fame he's a member of, too.

Johnny Cash took 'Nashville' and brought it around the world and to places that it had never been, and would never have been if it weren't for this man from Dyess, Arkansas.

A voice for everyone, but especially for the down and out, the outcast's, the down trodden, Johnny Cash only did it one way...his way.

Johnny Cash made millions and millions of dollars for people up and down the fabled Music Row.  Columbia Records basically lived off the back of Johnny Cash for years and years.


When the record sales and radio airplay weren't as robust as they once had been, a bad case of amnesia set in.  They forgot.

But we didn't, the millions of fans across the country and around the world.  And as Johnny himself says in this great documentary video, he was, for the first time, really artistically free.

The powers that be along Music Row may have thought they won the battle, that they didn't need this music icon.  They were wrong.

This documentary tells the tale of the controversy that was 'Cash vs. Music Row'.