The outside light is on. Enough inside lights are on to signal we are home.

The candy dish is ready. We've eaten a few of the little candy bars our self to make sure they are OK. 'Here, let's have one more.'

And now there it is, the ring of the door bell. Before you can count how many kids are there or see what costumes they have on, you are being overwhelmed with the screaming of those famous of all words associated with the once a year free candy by the pail full frenzy, 'Trick or Treat".

They don't care what you do or say. They don't want you to smile and comment on their costume. They just want you to be as efficient as possible and put the candy in their sack and let them move on. These kids are busy, they have many houses to hit in the allotted time.

But none the less, they will have costumes. They choose what they want to be while collecting candy. it's part of the ritual.

So what can you expect to see at the door this year? According to The National Retail Federation's survey, here are the top 10 Halloween costumes this year:

1) Princess
2) Animal
3) Batman character (my son's choice)
4) Action/superhero
5) Spider-Man
6) Witch
7) Zombie
8) Disney princess
9) Superman
10) Fairy